Hiroshi Nonami
Saw the Crue for the last time last night, it was awesome 😢💔

"missing: in quiet a place that’s green
where neon seascapes are all smiling
and the white windmill barely speaks
where diamond panthers lie in violet
and the weeping moon never sleeps
suspended by shallow light
between giants named suicide and grief
in a fish net made of stardust
with overflowing cups of angels blood
to comfort and fill our empty veins
and all you can feel here is warmth
all we feel is warm
vampire queen
Moloch of blurry sleep
the planets here are ghosts waiting
behind the black screens of broken TVs
pass the weed
ill be smoking here with them
when you come to resurrect me"

- SAD.3      (via ourtwobodiesintoonepinkcasket)

(via ourtwobodiesintoonepinkcasket)


darker crows take a walk through your mangled picture space
as u serpent by
and melt the frames
while I slither out your past in shame
il rot in here
its for u okay
if it makes u warm and less afraid
ill stand in here alone forever
and never fucking move again
u can tell them i am anything
when they ask you u can say
when he touched me
it felt so lifeless
like a graveworm taken from his grave
and they will believe you
every word you say
no one believes in a sad liar
or in the palaces he creates
ill be your god i/\ heaven
and you can streamline everything i make
drive an 8 sided truck, filled with human garbage + stuff
and let your carriage wheels tread the waste
(it could be so much simpler)
(walk in with a lighter)
(and burn those newspaper gates)
but when they ask you
its all made of paper?
he stands so still in the flames?
when you become quiet
they will watch u grow in the silence
u will know the only words to say
I told him that i loved him
until i realized what i was saying
he walks around in there with his head chopped off
(it scares me)
drinking a bottle full of waste


always quiet

i die in your silence

always silent

fucking kills me everyday

but i’ll be your motion picture and mirror what you window
to watch u inhale these seething lakes
next to a thousand blackveiled widows
star-dusted in liver
horrid mouths foaming sea spray
please come this way
ill walk out my head
for u okay
refuse eternity
refuse redemption
refuse to even turn away
passing unreasonable
approaching undeniable
living cold with my shame
come and take my fucking phone
i buried it in the snow 8 months ago
the irony of timing makes me gagggg
fuck life/\fuck timing/\fuck mistakes
this is what i needed to say
i never left u alone or abandoned that frame
and u have barely been searching
and ive been dead in here for days


- datestiminglifemistakes  (via ourtwobodiesintoonepinkcasket)

(via ourtwobodiesintoonepinkcasket)


both freaky and cool at the same time in my opinion


art by ねこ助


Tolkien illustrations by faQy dA tumblr


Went and got the outline started. Waiting for it to heal so we can put on some color! Thanks for the great work violettanyx


© Mimmi Strinnholm (http://instagram.com/thistlemilk)
Fairy Lady I completed for sale! id like to get $100 for her but will consider best offer!
8”x11” colored pencil, framed
Please share and help me get her sold! Im in a tight money spot :(

Courtney Love