Some older  art I have for sale, trying to get some bills paid 😝 
Watercolor wolf $50 6 1/2” × 8”
Mixed media fox $60 7 1/2” × 11”
Ida Marcovefa   $80 8 1/2” × 11”

#artforsale #watercolor #buyart
Spontaneous photo shoots 💜

rolling up like
I love being able to wear my boyfriends shirts as dresses heehee 😊
Fucking love this lady!!


Pink hair hooray!

Wore dark wigs for a while, so I could achieve this.

Kind of missing blonde 😓 just because I don’t like the blue so much
Yes. My hair turned out blue…totally unintentional, will be getting a better purple dye soon…until then, off to conclude this busy day with Waffle House ❤

Christian Dada Autumn/Winter 2013
Did up this space monkey the other day! I’m taking tattoos so if you would like a tattoo from Me I’m in Texas!


Mouthern & Mouthern X

Ruby James

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Mystic Beauty by Thien La


do you ever wonder if your followers ever talk about you outside of tumblr

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